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I have a dozen channels receiving data from a serial string once per second. I want to be able to archive this data so that the user can display or save to removable media some or all of it over periods from 1 hour to a year. Initially using the history of the respective channels works ok but of course recalling a large amount of data takes a relatively long while and to smooth it for display also takes time. My first approach was to have several continuously running sequences that averaged the raw second by second data into new channels over increasing time periods. With say 6 increasing time periods for each raw channel this would add a further 72 channels.

Would a logging sets of all 12 channels written each time period be better, and if so what is the best way to read the logging file and so recover the data so that it can be displayed graphically or saved out to removable media.

A logging set file presumably continues to grow so to keep each file to a reasonable size Would it be best to start new files periodically and erase say the one before last to keep file storage at a sensible limit.

Thanks for any suggestions or pointers.


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