How to communicat between FX1NCPU PLC and DAQFactory

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:) I have download a evaluation copy of DAQFactory and install it to my computure already. What I want to do is to connect DAQFactory with a PLC of MITSUBISHI FX1N. But after two days trying,I still can not let DAQFactory read data from my PLC. The coming pictures are screen shot of my set up process.At last,I wanna read data of M0000-M0007.But the RTX is only \x015(error).

Please help/support me to get RS232 communication between FX1NCPU PLC and DAQFactory.

Thanking you in advance.







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I need finish a device configeration,then I can add a new channel. It seem that it doesn't work after I add a new channel,because there is not any data in "graph"and"tale" of the added channel. Even by the monitor window, the communication can not be in control,how can it work well after be added as a new channel?

The cable I used is the programming cable of the FXIN PLC. I plugged the cable in computure serial port and the programming port of the PLC.

I'm not understand the ID of which device?

Do you have SKYPE or MSN? So that we can communicate more convenient。I'd like you tteache me in more details. Thank you

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