what am I doing wrong?

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I am trying to multiply the values of two channels together to form another channel using

maxweight = maxw(0) * length1(0)

All I get returned is zero though i am displaying correct values for maxw and length1

any ideas ? this seems such a simple thing to be trying to do ?????????

I even tried an intermediate variable and still got a zero returned

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Thanks that works now!!!

another question I have a text field that I would like to have the facility to scan a bar code into using a Keyboard wedge type scanner. how do i avoid having to select the field before scanning ?

Is there a sequence I can add when the page loads to put the focus on the text object - named user1 in this program?


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I know customers have somehow gotten wedge type scanners to work, but truthfully, I would recommend just buying a serial based one. Those are real easy to use in DAQFactory. Presumably USB based ones use a USB/serial converter internally, so probably would work as well.

If you really have to use the wedge, you might try using the OnChar system event to capture it.

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