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I need to control a PicoScope 3204 through DAQFactory. As a newbie to DAQFactory, I do not understand how to set up a channel for this device. The DLL (PS3000.dll) is in the same directory as all the DAQFactory DLLs. Also, some of the extern() declarations for the Picoscope DLL do not compile.

Picoscope DLL available here: as part of the scope software suite.

Any advice gratefully received.

PS manual attached, functions are described in section 4.2.9.


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We have a Pico PT104 which is similar to above, and its connected straight to "COM 1", is there a protocol we should be using to help DAQFactory talk to the PT104? The PT104 has a pt10432.dll file but the software does not appear to accepts this (only *.ddp and *.dds)


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Unless the PT104 supports a standard protocol (and I don't think it does), you'll either need to script up their protocol on your own, which may or may not be hard depending on the protocol (I didn't see any docs for it easily on their website), or you can use their SDK and the dll file. If you use the dll, you'll need to use the extern() functions to load the DLL. This is a bit technical to do and not really for the non-programmer. See if you can find specs for the serial protocol and post them here.

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