Changing Export Set Filename Everyday


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I wish to change the logging file name that I'm using for my export set, everyday, and was wondering if it can be done using the example from the help file. Here is the script I'm using:

// loop forever:
while (1)
  // wait until 11:59pm
  // wait another minute to move us into tomorrow
  // set logging file name:
  Export.MyExportSet.strFileName = "MyData_" + FormatDateTime("%y_%m_%d.csv",SysTime())
  // and repeat

What the example in the help file fails to mention is what to do with the Filename that was entered in the dialog when setting up the logging file or export set. If I browse to a filename to use, the program completely ignores (apparently) the script, above. If I leave it blank, the software errors out.

I'm lost.

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I personally actually just put this line:

Export.MyExportSet.strFileName = "MyData_" + FormatDateTime("%y_%m_%d.csv",SysTime())

in an event on one of my channels instead of creating a separate sequence.

You do not need to specify a file name in the export/logging set as long as you don't run it until the name is set in script. You can use an auto-start sequence with the above line of script to set it on start up. I'm assuming of course that you named your export set "MyExportSet"

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