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Hi, i am new to DAQ, i am using Labjack U12 with analog inputs, i have 3 queries currently

1. The channel value that i have created in DAQ shows some value when displayed in Page, what is the format of that value i.e. is it the current value recieved at the labjack terminal, or it is converted in some other form for displaying in daq.

2. When i m using conversion function of labjack the channel value displayed at the page becomes cumulative in nature.

channel created by me is HOTWATER for temperature

conversion used by me is HOTWATER *17

now the problem is that the channel value of labjack records 3,4,3 randomly so after applying conversion it should display 51,68,51 but it shows 51, 867,44217 ie (3*17),(3*17*17),(3*17*17*17) how can i prevent this cumulative multiplication and show the actual value of channel conversion

3. The valu at the 8th input terminal of labjack is showing very less value which can't be converted as it is close to zero, how can i increase resolution of one channel

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1: it is in whatever units the LabJack returns (usually volts)

2: you should not put the channel name in the conversion. Use the word "Value" instead, so Value * 17. Otherwise, you are using the last reading instead of the current reading.

3: gain is only supported in differential mode on the U12 (hardware limitation). To change the gain for a differential channel, please see the Example in the DAQFactory User's guide under LabJack U12 Device details (section 17.8). This explains it step by step.

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