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I have a class and some of the variables in there are arrays of numbers. I can't get the array to populate! I should be able to, right?

Here is my class def:


class Location
   local ID
   local string phone_number
   local string name
   local Refresh_Time
   local Active = 0
   local ADC //Array of ADC values - (0-7:Pressure sensors)
   local Relay //Array of relay values - Total of 10 Relays.(0-3:12V, 4-7:AC, 8:12V,9:AC)
   local UVT[8] = 0

global All_loc = new(Location)
All_loc.ID = 0 = "Boulder"
All_loc.phone_number = "1234556677"

private LocID = 1 //new object
All_loc[LocID] = new(Location)
All_loc[LocID].ID = LocID
All_loc[LocID].phone_number = "3034443333"
All_loc[LocID].name = "Rhungari"

1. Does "local UVT[8] = 0", initialize UVT array to 9 zeros?

2. This is how I'm trying to pupulate ADC array for instance:


global string strParse1 = Parse(strParse0,-1,",") //Creates an array 
global Parse1 = strtodouble(strParse1) //For instance: {0,4,0,0,10,1,20,2,30,3,40,4,50,5,60,6,70,7,80}
? "NumRows: " + doubletostr(NumRows(Parse1))
for (private i = 3, i < NumRows(strParse1)  , i= i +2)
					 private IdNum = Parse1[i]
					 private Measurement = Parse1[i+1]
					 ? "Sensor:" + doubletostr(IdNum) + " = " + doubletostr(Measurement) 
					 All_loc[0].ADC[IdNum] = Measurement


What I get is: All_loc[0].ADC[0] gets updated to all of those values from 10 to 80, so it's final value is 80!

(Here is my output on the command lines:

NumRows: 19

Sensor:0 = 10

Sensor:1 = 20

Sensor:2 = 30

Sensor:3 = 40

Sensor:4 = 50

Sensor:5 = 60

Sensor:6 = 70

Sensor:7 = 80)

What am I doing wrong here?

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I think that exposes a little issue with objects in DF. I'm not sure that an expression can have two subsets like that. To get around it, just do this:

private ob = all_loc[0]

ob.adc[idnum] = measurement

Remember, doing x = y when y is an object, just makes x a reference to the same object as y. That's why the above works.

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Sorry. Missed it:

No, it won't. This will:

local UVT = fill(0,9)

In regular script (not a class declaration), you can also do:

private x

x[8] = 0

Since x doesn't have 9 array elements when you do x[8]=0, it will fill in the first 8 elements with 0. You just can't do this in the declaration. The declaration can only have the variable name in it.

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