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I have some DF installations that have been running for years now, however in some of them the alarm log file has become too big to be opened, even with Excel, in some case over 1 GB! So how can I prevent this file from getting too big? The problem is that it is somehow locked, so when DF is running you can not rename or delete that file.


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Problem is that DAQFactory runs continuously, or at least it is supposed to, but I don't have control, those are remote installations so I don't have access.

How can I programatically rename that file? lets say evey six months or so?

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I would like to ask if the possibility to change the file name of alarm file name through script is available at version 5.86.

I am trying to keep a file per day for the alarms, configuring the name as it is shown in para. 9.10.6 of the user guide for the logging file name. Otherwise I could just delete it frequently and the issue is that the file is locked and cannot be deleted through script.



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