Connect to Database via script?


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How do you connect to a MySQL database with script? This is what i have started with....

global dbase

global qr

dbase = db.OpenEx("DRIVER={MYSQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};SERVER='localhost';DSN='Test';UID='root';PWD='';DATABASE='Test'")

qr = db.Query(dbase,"select * from demo")

if(qr == 1)



system.MessageBox('not found')




***All i am doing is checking to see if a table exists.... Any ideas?

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qr won't = 1. It returns a handle, but you can check for non-zero. Either way, use querytoclass() instead of query(). Really these are the only db. commands you need:

open() / openEx()


queryToClass() : for SELECT statements

execute() : for all other SQL commands

queryToClass() is documented in this forum. Just do a search.

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I don't know. Most people don't post when they get it working, so presumably it was a typo. I have never had a problem getting db. working. The only issue I ever had was with the MySQL ODBC connector under 64 bit. It installs to the wrong directory. I find it easier to use their 3.x version than their 5.x version of the connector.

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