Populating tree component from script

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I am trying to populate the tree component from script. I can't seem to populate the Child(1)...Child(n) I only fill the TreeListA...E etc without any ability to expand or collapse the list. When the component is placed on the page it shows as having Tree List A and Tree List B each with 3 children and the list can be collapsed by clicking on the '-' symbol before a tree list entry. The resultant '+' symbol expands the list correctly.

The DeleteItem(Item) needs a handle (Item) but InsertItem doesn't seem to give one as:

Private TreeHandle = Component.DirectoryTree.InsertItem("root",0,0,0)

? TreeHandle

just prints a blank line The properties of the TreeList allow a component name to be entered (In this case DirectoryTrree but otherwise the window is blank.

The Help is the same as the user manual section on Tree Lists.

Can you explain a bit more how to populate tree lists with the array data such as that returned from GetFilePathList.



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