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By LabJack's advice, I purchased Starter. What is the proper download for Starter? I installed the download for Express but it seems wrong. Does Express unlock with my code and become Starter? AzeoTech provided a serial number but their unlock.html page does not recognize it. The email is shown below which was sent after payment for the product was made.

--------------- Serial Numbers for your DAQFactory Order


Thank you for your order. Listed below is the key(s) required to unlock the product(s) you ordered.

DAQFactory Starter - (no media, downloaded product) - *****-*****-*****

To use a key, download, install, and run the appropriate software from When the demonstration dialog appears, click on either the Automatic Unlock or Manual Unlock button. The Automatic Unlock button requires an Internet connection. Simply enter the key from above and click OK and your product will be unlocked. If you do not have an Internet connection on the desired computer, use the Manual Unlock. After clicking on this button another dialog will appear with a computer code. Take this code and the unlock key above and enter them into our website at The unlock code and serial number will be provided.

Thanks again.

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Express is a separate program. Documents are compatible and its built off the same source, but its a different executable. All paid versions of DAQFactory (including Starter) are unlocked by downloading the trial of DAQFactory and using the key provided to convert it into a licensed version.

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