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I am reading a date register that is in decimal format that needs to be converted to hexadecimal , then the four digit number needs to be sperated into MSB, LSB. Then converted back to decimal. If done manually it would go like this, register value '1301' : converted to hex value 515: split to 5 & 15: converted to 5 & 21. So 1301 represents May 21. How can I perform this calculation in the DAQ expression box?

Thanks for your assistance.

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decimal to hex:

private string hexval = format("%04x",decimalValue)

then use string functions to pull out the desired values:

private month = strtodouble(left(hexval,2))

private year = strtodouble(right(hexval,2))

note the 04 in format() means prepend 0's to make the result at least 4 characters long. This makes it easier to split into month and year.

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Thanks. This partly works. In the variable value componenet expression(expanded) of page_2, if I enter format("%04x", decimal value) I get correct hex value. But if I enter private string hexval = format("%04x", decimal value) I get 'C1000 Channel or function not found' error. It appears the private string hexval statement is the problem. I am just learning the software, thanks for your help. I also tried combining the formula Right(format("%04x", decimal value),2) which did produce the correct value of the right two hex values. Then I tried converting this back to decimal value by entering format("%d",(Right(format("%04x",decimal value),2))) . There was no result, just a blue screen. I think I maybe trying to many operations in one entry?

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You probably just have a typo. Try just splitting it into two lines:

private string hexval

hexval = format(...)

Also, you don't want to use format() to make it into a number. Format() always returns a string. Use strToDouble() instead.

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  • 1 month later...

Still unable to obtain correct result.

If I enter following formula:


I get correct hex result of 1b

If I enter:

hexval = Right(Format("%04x",H[0]),2)

I get incorrect result of C1000 channel or function not found

I can live with the hex value being displayed, but it would be nice to display in decimal format.

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Where are you entering this? Did you declare hexval as a variable? It has to be a string variable. If you are trying to do this in a component's expression, you have to combine everything I did into one long expression:

strtodouble(left(Right(Format("%04x",H[0]),2),2)) + "/" + strtodouble(right(Right(Format("%04x",H[0]),2),2))

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