Log 4 the change in 4 seperate analog channels

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I have 4 analog channels named In1 through In4. I want to log to a CSV file, the time, channel name and direction (up or down) whenever any of the channels goes above 1 volt or below 1 volt.

Is this possible to script?

I am using DAQFactory express (Rev 5.84 Build 1636) on a Labjack U3.



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Sure, create a Test D to A channel to store the up / down status (as 0 or 1), then in the Event for your input channels, use an if() to evaluate for the desired condition, and do myTestChannel = 1 or =0 and add myTestChannel (or whatever you name it) to your logging set. For example:

if ((In1[0] > 1) && (In1[1] < 1))
   myTestChannel = 1
if ((In1[0] < 1) && (In1[1] > 1))
   myTestChannel = 0

Note that this example doesn't have any hysteresis, but it will set myTestChannel to 1 when the signal transitions from below 1 to above 1, and 0 when it transitions the other way.

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