Novice question: Displaying the current 'logtime' to screen


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I have a button on my DAQFactory Express screen that begins logging (the selected channels) and will end-logging if pressed again.

Without using a channel to count with etc, is there any way I can display to the screen the time since the "logging event" was activated?

I assume is uses something like:

systime() - Start_Log_Timer

Where Start_Log_Timer is the stored start-time?

Again, I don't have any spare channels to use to do this, and merely want the basic timer/clock being displayed to screen.

Thanks-in-advance for the support.


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Just use a global variable, set to systime() when you start the logging set. Then in the button to start the logging set, use a quick sequence with script like this:

global start_log_timer = systime()


You can declare start_log_timer in an auto-start sequence and init it to 0 or something if you want to avoid the red X.

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