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Is it possible to change the foreground colour of a specific location in a table component in sequence code? I will explain why I would like to do this.

I had what was essentially a table built up out of 25 variable value components arranged as a 5 x 5 matrix with row and column titles comprised of text components. All of the values are being calculated second by second. One of the columns displayed the mean value for the five parameters (rows) and another column displayed the uncertainty in that mean ((variance/number of measurements)^0.5) when the uncertainty dropped low enough I set the foreground colour of the specific row in the mean column to green from its original red. The user was instructed not to use the mean value until its colour turned to green

Any time I wanted to make any changes to the layout of the "table" of values it was a real grovel moving all of the individual elements but keeping an orderly layout. I adopted the table component to hold all the values, titles and row identifiers and that made my life much easier. However we now have to tell customers not to use the mean value until the uncertainty is less than 1% of the mean so it would be good if I could change the foreground colour of individual table elements. Failing that I will have to return to the plethora of individual elements.

Just a thought, would it be possible to use a column of symbol components overlaid on top of the mean values column and thus effectively change the background colour of a value in the mean column? If so a bit of a guide to conditionally changing the colour of a symbol component would be helpful. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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No, you can't color individual cells or rows. If you were going to put background symbol controls, you might as well go back to the original setup since you'd still have to worry about alignment etc. It should be easy to move "rows" and "cols" around in your manual table by ensuring you select all the elements at once and move them with the keyboard. There are also the alignment commands in the Layout menu.

As for coloring, symbol component works the same as variable value. Select colors and enter thresholds. The system looks for the closest color that has a threshold greater than the value.

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