ljtick bipolar signal measurement

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I am using ljtick instrumentation amplifier with labjack.

I have set the switch 5 to on so it is giving an offset of 0.4 volts.

Now i want to confirm , how the negative signal below 0.4 is displayed in daq factory pages.

for example a -.3 volt signal at ljtick instru input gives an output of 0.1 at its output.Is this correct.or is there anything else.

I want to confirm this for bipopolar case also

kindly help me.

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You are right, as long as your change is on the positive input.

The output of the InAmp is: Out = (Vin+ - Vin-)*Gain + Offset.

With just switch 5 on the offset should be 0.4V and the gain should be 1. So, decreasing the positive input by 0.3V will reduce the output by 0.3V and decreasing the negative input will increase the output by 0.3V.


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