Refresh interval for Popup pages

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I have a page with some 'canvas' drawing on it which is fairly slow to redraw, but only realy needs plotting infrequently.

If the page is selected 'not as a popup', I can set the page's refresh to a long time using the page's Page.PageName.Interval value.... but if I call this page as a popup, then this refresh rate would seem to no longer apply, and it appears to refresh continuously, giving sluggish response elsewhere.

Can the refresh interval for a popup be controlled?

Alternatively, I know I can prompt additional canvas refreshes using page.PageName.Component.Canvas.RedoLoadEvent, so could I somehow turn of the canvas redaw and then use RedoLoadEvent for my occasional refreshes?

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No and No I'm afraid. You can't change the refresh rate (which is 0.5 seconds), and you can't use RedoLoadEvent because the LoadEvent doesn't get the DC and so can't actually draw to the screen.

If you are using Standard or higher, you might be able to get away with drawing the component on another page, capturing that page to a jpeg, then loading it into a symbol control in your popup. Its a real roundabout way of doing it, but would probably work. I probably would reconsider using a popup in the first place. Perhaps consider an overlaid page instead.

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