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Dear All,

I m really a beginner and know very little about VB...maybe someone can help.

I just bought 1 U3-LV....i run it and look good...i can see the voltage in graph and table on every channel that i test using the lab jack software...

my question...if i want to make my own interface on the computer...i want a graph ,a table, 3 button which is for start measuring, print and save the data...

did anyone can help me ..pls send me or show me a sample of VB program that can make like i say above...just a simple program to do the task.


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VB? Why would you use VB when you got DAQFactory Express for free with your LabJack. Doing it in VB would be quite challenging if you haven't used it before. Doing it in DAQFactory would be quite easy, and there is even a DAQFactory - LabJack Quick Tutorial PDF document that is installed when you install DAQFactory that will walk you through all these steps...

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