can't log at the same row


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i'm using mysql database and logging 3 pieces of data. when look for the data which written. there are empty

fields on every row. it looks like DF logged data one by one every each row. can you help me about it?


Here is my code which logs.

Logging.sql.AddValue("tarih", var.strtarih[0]) //date-time

Logging.sql.AddValue("sicaklik", Device1FWsicaklikR_In[0])

Logging.sql.AddValue("nem", Device1FWnemR_In[0])



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i'm logging some data via DF's export function. But again there is some differances between variables time associations which i use to log. And i can't assume any "Align threshold" value about that differance. Because

i append the data when the user push the exact button. So there is some empty rows in my CSV file. i'm adding it too. Can't i export the values with out time associations? i think not cause of that nature of export.

Do u have anything about this? Thank you!

ps: sorry i can't add the file. it worns me that i haven't got permision to add that kind of file.

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