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I'm just getting started with UE9 and looking for ideas to construct a flexible control interface for a string of the A6279 chip, 16 ch. LED Drivers (by Allegro). The communications is serial data with clock

I have 5 of these A6269's wired with the serial data cascaded in/out each so overall it looks like a 80-ch. serial to parallel converter. Each of the 16-ch can be Latched independently and each has an Output Enable.

Looking at the SPI protocol but I don't read anything back from the hardware and still need Latching and Output Enable.

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DAQFactory pretty much calls the LabJack UD as is, and the functions used in our script pretty much matches up with all the LabJack documentation. We did this to allow LabJack to add new features as they needed without forcing their customers to update their DAQFactory installation every time. Because of this, I'm afraid it still comes down to a LabJack question. I don't know what UD commands you'd have to use to use SPI, which is a somewhat advanced feature of the LabJack, and they would be the best to answer it. Whatever they tell you should translate directly to DAQFactory script.

I will also email them and perhaps they will reply here.

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