External DLL to work with?


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Not being a real s/w engineer, I will try to explain in the only terms I know.

Would it be a DLL or a Driver, or ? that is needed to get DF to utilize some data from another existing

s/w program? Then as needed what would I ask for from the other s/w provider? Would it be available parameters, variables, or functions and then in what form should the information be expected?

I hope this makes sense, as I am trying to work with 2 software packages that independently do what they do very well.

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It depends on what the interaction is. Is the other application doing analysis and returning the result, i.e. is DAQFactory passing some data into it, it processes it and returns some sort of result? In this case, using a DLL is usually best (not a driver). Is the other application simply processing the data and keeping it? Or is DAQFactory simply getting data from it but not returning anything as a result of getting that data? Then you probably can transfer data using a simple file mechanism. Not particularly fast, but works with pretty much anything. Also, how fast does the whole process need to run? I'd need more detail to really tell you the best course of action.

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