Auto "Zero" function.

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I am using Daq factory standard and Labjack U6 to amplify a differential signal from a strain gauge, I have created a Chanel called "sensor" and used a simple conversion to remove the offset from the channel input.

I have an excellent level of accuracy and linearity from the strain gauge, however I need to create a sequence that will provide a " Tare" function, I need daq factory to look at the Chanel input voltage and provide whatever offset is needed to leave the input at Zero.

For example my sensor input channel has a DC input voltage of 1.25v with no load, with a weight of 100g the input is 1.30v, I need to start a Sequence from a button that will offset whatever the input voltage is, yet still remain sensitive to any change in input voltage.

No sure how to approach this, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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