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I've built an HMI using your marvelous software on trial mode, so I'm ready to purchase a licence for the software. Could you please help me to choose the best option?

A brief description of the HMI:

Monitored equipment : 2 x Solectria PV inverters trough RS-485

Number of channels: 32

Number of V-channels: 5

I'm graphing the sum of the output from 2 of my channels, using a 1-year persistence. Also, I'm logging all the channels every 10 minutes.

Installation details:

I need to install DF on a customer PC, the customer HMI should only run on runtime mode. This installation should be prepared to send data to another PC using Daqconnect or DF web-server. This feature maybe will be used on the future.

Thanks in advance for your help

Miguel P

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DAQFactory Base will handle your main requirements (along with Runtime licenses for your customer). If you want to send data to another PC, you may need to use DAQFactory Pro instead. If you are going to use DAQConnect, then Base will be fine, but if you want to use the built in networking features of DAQFactory you will need Pro. You might consider using DAQFactory networking instead of the web server. This is where the second PC also runs a Runtime license and connects to the main Runtime installation. Data is transfered between the two in realtime and so you get realtime updates and the screens can be the same. You can even do control. This doesn't work well across the Internet, but on a LAN works great.

Note that you get to keep the development license (Base vs Pro) for your next project, and only have to provide your customer with Runtime licenses (though they may request a development license of their own).

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