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I'm not sure whether this should be in graphs, but it only seems to hapen with pop ups that have graphs so here goes.

In my CTL I have a page that is popped up Modeless by a keypress.


This page allows the user to select the parameters that they want to plot and the period and scale for the graph. When all the set up has been done I make visible a button that has an action to actually display the graph that they have set up.

Component.TrendDisplayChart.strMainTitle = TrendTitle + Overlay1Title + Overlay2Title + " over"
Component.TrendPrintChart.strMainTitle = TrendTitle + Overlay1Title + Overlay2Title + " over"
// shut down this page
// open the display page

This works fine all of the time.

The graph display page that has been popped up has three buttons along the bottom. the first clears every thing back to the base page.


The second is intended to go back to allow the user to change what they are plotting.

Component.TrendParameterCombo.Visible = 0
Component.TrendParameterCaption.Visible = 0
Component.TrendParamConfirmButton.Visible = 0
Component.TrendDisplayButton.Visible = 0
Component.OverLay1ParameterCombo.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay1Caption.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay1ConfirmButton.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay2ConfirmButton.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay2Caption.Visible = 0
Component.OverLay2ParameterCombo.Visible = 0
Component.TrendParamMinEditBox.Visible = 0
Component.TrendParamMaxEditBox.Visible = 0
Component.TrendParamRangeSet.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay1ParamMaxEditBox.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay1ParamMinEditBox.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay1ParamRangeSet.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay2ParamMaxEditBox.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay2ParamMinEditBox.Visible = 0
Component.Overlay2ParamRangeSet.Visible = 0
TrendTitle = ""
Overlay1Title = ""
Overlay2Title = ""
Component.TrendDisplayChart.LeftAxis1.strLabel = ""
Component.TrendDisplayChart.LeftAxis2.strLabel = ""
Component.TrendDisplayChart.LeftAxis3.strLabel = ""
Component.TrendDisplayChart.LeftAxis4.strLabel = ""
Component.TrendDisplayChart.LeftAxis5.strLabel = ""
Component.TrendDisplayChart.LeftAxis6.strLabel = ""
Overlay1 = 0
Overlay2 = 0
// close the display page
// pop up the trend page again

and the third prints the graph from a copy page that has no buttons as you explained in a previous reply.

All this works fine most of the time on my development machine but occasionally hangs up if I go through several (more than 5) itterations of seting up a graph then back for a different one etc.

I recently transferred the CTL to a machine that has a Runtime licence and on this machine pressing the 'Clear' button (1) or the 'Back' button (2) every time causes DF to hang.

My development licence is in the silver key we bought a few months back so I put it into the Runtime system, and went into development mode and hey presto it now worked most times except that in general it took less itterations to get a hang up.

The Development machine runs Vista Business 32bit service pack 2 with a reported 3.25 Gb memory when DF is running my CTL document

The Runtime system has XP professional service pack 3 with 896Mb memory reported when DF is running my CTL document.

Any suggestions as to what is wrong?


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OK, if I put it on the main page in the area that the pop up used to cover can I group the graph and the buttons together so that I can make it invisible with a single command or do I have to switch each component's visibility independently?


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