problem with write data to a file


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I sudenly having some problem with write data to a file. for exampl the code below

private.handle = file.Open("C:\DATAFILE\CO2_O2_H2S.csv",0,1,1,1)



I tried ro run the program on some computer, it write fine, but some computers, it won't write.

I had many write sequences and some of them write successfully and some of them just create the file name but don't write information into the file.

When I click on the file name that data won't write into it, a message pop up and say the "file is read only". I checked on the file properties and there was no check on the "read only". The file name that data will write into it don't have the message like that.

I created a test program with a write to a file that has the same name to the file's name that data won't write to. For example, the file' name from program1 is C:\speed.csv and when program1 running, data will not be written into speed.csv. (program1 has 8 write sequences as described above). Program to will have a write sequence to write to a file that has the same name as program1 (C:\speed.csv ), and when I run the write sequence on program 2, data was written sucessfully into C:\speed.csv.

I know this should be some problem with windows, but if any of you have this problem before or know how to fix it, could you share with me


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This is almost certainly a Windows security issue. Windows 7, for example, doesn't really let you write to the root directory (c:\), as well as other system type folders like program files, without administrative privileges. The UAC can sometimes grant temporary access, but its on a program basis, and DAQFactory is unlikely to trigger it. You might try running DAQFactory with administrator privileges, by changing its shortcut, but that will surely trigger a UAC prompt on startup. I'd just write to a different directory.

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