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Title says it all. I am using an iff statement to zero a 360 degree display using a 0-10 vdc input.

It works fine but how do I use that ooutput of the iff function?

for example:

I have a 0-10 VDC input that represents 0-360 degrees (hall effect analog encoder) channel ROT_3.

I take the 0-10 vdc signal and using a conversion change that channels output to 0-360 degrees Value*36.

I need to reset zero anywhere around the rotation and I do this with an iff statement.

So if I reset zero with ROT_3 at 176

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Use a sequence, or in this case, probably in the event for your ROT_3 channel. Something like:

V.mychannel = iif(Rot_3[0] == 176, 0, Rot_3[0])

Not really sure what your ultimate expression is, but putting that in the ROT_3 event will cause V.mychannel to be updated every time Rot_3 gets a new value with the result of the iif() statement.

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Thank you I think I have tried that but not in the event panel.

here is the actual statement that I am using.

iff(ROT_3[0]<V.ZERO_SET[0]), (ROT_3[0]-V.ZERO_SET)+10,ROT_3[0]-V.ZERO_SET[0] *36

V.ZERO_SET is set with a button push anywhere between 0-360 degrees.

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Please excuse the syntax error.... But I have another related question.

I want to use this information to control a digital output to control a turntable, basically motion control application.

So I need to read the output of the iif statement and compare it to a fixed number.

For example, move to 11 degrees,

DIO_3=1 until V.ZERO_CALC(variable 0-360)=V.ZERO_SET(set to 11) then DIO_3=0

I have been messing with if and where statements but can't seem to make things work.

Any ideas?

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Thank you for the response, however, this appears as a single shot event. When I use this in a button push "Go to Position 1" for example, the script only happens once, as soon as I push the button.

I have tried to us the "while" command as shown in the documentation but that simply hangs the program and everything stops.

The problem is, from the time I push the button, I must monitor the position feedback channel, and compare that to the preset number. Not to mention the need to have a window (11 is actually some number between 10 & 12)

Really I just cannot figure out a way to continuously monitor my positioning channel without hanging the system.

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