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we like to build our projects with a Client Server setup.

With the server running in acquire mode only.

On occasion we run into a problem where we initially only have one client.

so it would make sense to either build the project as a standalone project, but this limits the ability to add additional clients without a re-write, or to run both the client file and server file on the same machine.

This way any additional clients just need the client file.

the problem we get appears to be a licensing problem.

DAQ license only allows one active license on a machine.

running the server file in acquire mode,

and then starting the client file result's in a problem.

is there a work around????

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First, I recommend against creating two applications. Create just one and use startup flags to determine which situation you want, client or server. This makes maintaining your system MUCH easier. On that same note, you could have another flag that causes the system to run standalone, non-client server. If both the UI and the acquisition are the same app but controlled by flags, you can have one flag for just UI, one for just acquisition, and one for both.

As for licensing, you actually can run two copies of DAQFactory on the same machine. Its just going to popup a warning for the second instance because people often shut down DF and immediately restart without waiting for the first instance to finish closing and this causes problems.

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