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I'm trying to read and display the status of my GS2 AC Drives Output Freq, Output Current Output Voltage, etc. (Modbus 48452, 48453, 48455, etc.)

I have the coms setup: 38400 Baud, 8 Data, no parity, 2 stop and it seems like I am communicating with the device.

Anyone know how I may go about getting this data to display?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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The first question is what notation they are using for the device. Do all your modbus addresses lie in the 40,000-49,999 range, or do you have other holding registers outside that range? If you have others outside that range, then you are going to need to read a dummy register in the 50,000 range to force DAQFactory to use 0 indexing rather than 40,001 indexing.

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