Cyclic Voltammetry


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Are you able to read the current and voltage? Do you have sensors? In general to read current you have to convert it to voltage using a precision resistor or CT, though CT's don't work well at low currents. DAQ devices can't read current directly. Any that say that read current have the resistor internally. Just remember when selecting the resistor that your measurement will only be as precise as the resistor. High precision resistors tend to be more stable with temperature. You'll also need to calibrate somehow.

Once you have two channels reading your values, doing the graphs in DAQFactory is simple.

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Hi Goldfronts1, it seems that you did the exactly same project as what I have to do. I would very much appreciate if you could please help me on how to get voltage and current values from a potentiostat, using LabJack device and DAQfactory software. Thank you so very much for your time. 



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