Specifying variable's precision programatically


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Hello there,

I am using direct file access to log calculated variables. I want to control the number of decimal points for the log variables.

I have tried format("%.2f", CalculatedVariable) but that doesn't seem to work.

Can someone please help out?


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Below is the variable;

Scaled_Pressure_1 = Pressure_1[0]*Slope_Pressure_1 + Intersect_Press_1

In order to write to a file I used the following code

DoubleToStr(format("%.0f", Scaled_Pressure_1))

and that did not work. Is there anything wrong in the code?

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No, provided all those variables actually have values and are numeric. There is certainly nothing wrong with this line:

DoubleToStr(format("%.0f", Scaled_Pressure_1))

Though technically you don't need the doubleToStr() since the format() function makes a string.

You might add a:

? Scaled_Pressure_1

after the calc to see what the result of the calc is, or use the debugger.

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