Displaying null serial data

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Null serial data is streaming through the Com. Monitor as below. I need to display the variable values

Dn={everything up to the next comma}, Sm={up to the comma} and Sx={up to the comma} as three different values

Dn=wind direction, Sm=Nominal wind speed, Sx=Maximum wind speed, all from a Vaisala wind instrument.

There are a few examples I have read, but I still can't quite get my head around it.

These values will be displayed individually and Sx= will trigger an email alert

can you give me a few pointers please.

Rx: 0R5,Th=15.3C,Vh=0.0#,Vs=14.1V,Vr=3.504V130010

Rx: 0R1,Dn=255D,Dm=255D,Dx=255D,Sn=4.6N,Sm=4.8N,Sx=5.0N130010

Rx: 0R1,Dn=254D,Dm=255D,Dx=255D,Sn=4.7N,Sm=4.8N,Sx=4.9N130010

Rx: 0R1,Dn=253D,Dm=254D,Dx=255D,Sn=4.5N,Sm=4.7N,Sx=4.9N130010

Rx: 0R5,Th=15.2C,Vh=0.0#,Vs=14.0V,Vr=3.506V130010

Rx: 0R1,Dn=251D,Dm=252D,Dx=253D,Sn=4.4N,Sm=4.7N,Sx=4.9N130010

Rx: 0R1,Dn=250D,Dm=251D,Dx=252D,Sn=4.5N,Sm=4.6N,Sx=4.8N130010

Rx: 0R5,Th=15.7C,Vh=0.0#,Vs=14.0V,Vr=3.506V130010

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First, there isn't any "null" serial data. Its actually just an ASCII stream. But that's just semantics :) I'm not sure where you are getting stuck. I'm assuming in the parsing. The easiest way to parse things of the general "x=9999" nature is to parse on the equal sign then let the strtodouble() function strip the units off. So, assuming you have a string variable named "datain" with the Rx string, you'd do something like:

private string parsedData = parse(datain, -1, "=")

With -1 it will return an array of strings. So, if datain had:


you'd get:

{"0R1,Dn", "254D,Dm", "255D,Dx", "255D,Sn", "4.7N,Sm", "4.8N,Sx", "4.9N130010"}

So, parseData[1] = "245D,Dm" which is the Dn value, so Dn = strToDouble(parseData[1])

Then you can just use addvalue() on a channel to add the result:


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