Problem to save logging data in teperature

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I'v got a problem with the log file, when I stop logging and view all the figures in logfile.csv. they are not temperature but voltages. the readings in page are temperatures, and I checked the formulas in the components. They look like correctly.

The formula is type K((FIOX[0]-offset)/gain, (intertemp[0]-273.15)) FIOX represent a channel. in my case, I just use constants to replace the offsets for each channel.

Someone told me that the formula's in the screen components, they won't be used for logging. I have to use a Conversion to convert the data at the channel level follow the introduction in section 6.11 of the user's guide.

But when I put the expression-Type K((Value-offset)/gain, (intertemp[0]-273.15)) in Conversion, the reading on page is not correct, it is minus. When I delete the formula in screen component. the reading disappeared I don't know what's going on.

Can I make a formula in EXCEL to convert log data to temperature straightaway, if so. could you please tell me how to do that.

Thank you in advance.

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You are correct that you need to use a Conversion. Once you apply the conversion you have to remove the formula from the screen component, but you still have to reference the channel. So, if before you had:

typeK(myChannel[0] - offset)/gain, intertemp[0]-273.15))

then you would replace it with:


The rest of the formula would be in the conversion.

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I still can't get the data in temperature successfully, and I attached my CTL file.

Could you please have a look at it and check what's wrong with my CTL file.

I need to convert nine channel readings to temperature, however in my CTL file I just put one coversion to FIO1 as a test channel.

I will appreciate very much if you can correct my settings in my CTL, Since other two people have the same

problem. We hope the problem can be settled ASAP.

Many Thanks


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You don't want "MyChannel[0]" in the expression. You want "Value". "Value" in a conversion means substitute the reading from the channel that the conversion is applied in this spot. "MyChannel" and in fact, "My..." anything in the docs is just a bogus name we use to indicate that you should substitute the name of your channel, variable or the word "Value" in that place depending on where it is being used.

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