Count timer with U12


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I am very new to this. I have an old U12 that I purchased a long time ago.

If it's possible, this is what I'd like to do using DAQFactory and the U12

I know that the U12 has no timers so I was hoping I could do the following.

Turn something on and off at a rate of 10 (or a 100) times a second internally using DAQFactory.

Then using an input on the U12 to take a reading of the count and then reset it to zero.

I would like to take a reaading every .5 to 1.5 seconds and graph the output.

In essence I would like to time the period between two input signals. It would be nice to have it as

accurate as possible.

Is this something that can be done?

Any help would be appreciated,


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It can be done, but it won't work very well. The U12 takes like 20ms to do anything and that's going to cause some serious timing issues. You'll have so much noise in time that the result will be unusable. It'd be fine if the total duration was on the order of 10's of minutes or hours, but anything shorter and you are looking at significant error. I strongly recommend simply upgrading to a U3 which will do this out of the box and very precisely.

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