Channel Sub Groups

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I current have a project that features close to 2000 Tags at the moment.

There are approximately 10 main pieces of Equipment, Each with 20 Sensors, Each Sensor has about 10 Tags.

So Far i have about 200 groups My Groups are all Called


Now at some point my Channel tree had a moment and did display sub groups.

The Question is can a create a Device Group With a Sensor Sub Group ???


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No, at this point I'm afraid not. There is only one level of channel grouping. This is why I typically tell people that DAQFactory tops off for applications above a few thousand tags. It isn't lack of features or capabilities, but simply the organizational tools to manage more than a few thousand tags.

That said, if I was doing an application with that many tags, I would just skip channels altogether and use variables, or better yet objects. With objects you could nest and organize to your hearts content, and for this, you could easily do 10's or 100's of thousands of tags, provided you had the memory.

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