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I'm running Daqfactory on a relatively slow system (a 1GHz VIA system with 1Gb Ram - not unreasonably slow).

Daqfactory is using around 30% cpu time with little activity taking place (on a simple screen for example with just a couple of buttons and text components) There is very little device communication - just about half a dozen digital I/O and a single slowspeed counter (around 1 to 10Hz) connected to an Optilogic RTU,communicating via ModBus TCP.

Changing to a more complex screen with a lot more controls on, (linear gauge, variable value components, buttons, etc) continues to use same 30% CPU time until the mouse is moved over the Linear gauge.

The CPU time then jumps to 100% and makes the system extremely unresponsive.

A Variable Value Component displaying date and time which updates regulary at 1 second intervals without problem slows to once every 30 or 40 seconds when the mouse is just hovering over the Linear Gauge.

I see the same effect when hovering over LED, Switch, Toggle Switch, and Angular Gauge Components to name a few.

In most instances, these components are "connected" to, i.e. the Expresions are just, internal Global variables that are updated at most maybe 1 once per second.

Unfortunately this problem makes the system almost unusable, especially if trying to operate it over a remote connection like RDP or VNC where the 100% cpu usage just kills the remote communication for minutes at a time.

Is this something you are aware of?

Is a 1GHz system insufficient to run DaqFactory?

When testing on my development system (an intel I7 3.4GHz beast with 16GB ram) I see barely any change in the CPU usage at around 1%.

Can you advise any other points I might check to identify and reslove the problem?



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I'm not completely sure when that was fixed, it looks like maybe 5.79, but I know that issue has been resolved. Basically what was happening is that moving the mouse across certain controls would trigger a screen refresh which, on slow computers, would chew up all the CPU time. You have two choices:

1) don't use those controls (and I can list them if you want)

2) update to the latest release. If you are doing networking, this is advised anyway. You will want to test your document on the new release. Depending on what you are doing, you may run into an issue or two during the update. If possible, try installing the update on a fresh computer and testing the document there. Or, you can rename DAQFactory.exe in your current 5.73 installation, install the latest, then have the option to switch back by simply running the renamed .exe file.

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