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I made a sequence below;




but, it does not work on "Begin Sequence".


"File - Print from DAQFactory's main menu"

(according to the User's guide)

does not work either.

What would be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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There are issues with printing in DAQFactory for certain printers. It is something we have tried to resolve, but have had little success, partially because of some of the controls we use. I hope it will be resolved when we add some of the other requested features such as screen sizing and scrolling. In the meantime, consider either using page.capture() to capture the page to a jpeg and then shell.execute() to print the jpeg using an external tool like paint, or use page.printPDF() to print to a PDF instead (and then optionally using shell.execute() to print the pdf from acrobat).

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I tried "page.capture()", but had the error message below;

"Capture() is not supported by this version of DAQFactory"

(The version of my DAQFactory Express is 5.83.)

Nor "page.printPDF()" does not work either.

So in the case of actual applying, I will check the printer and if ok, then use the command : "Page.PrintPageDirect(Page_1)".

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I found a solution for capturing a page at designated intervals´╝îutilizing free softwares.

1)Capture : "WinShot" serves for printing or saving image files of the active window at designated intervals.

2)Preventing screen saver from working while the capture program is on : "scvx" serves for the purpose for designated progarams.

(The two web pages above are written in Japanese.)

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