E-Stop Input Channel

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I have channel that takes an input from the machine PLC when the E-Stop buttons are pushed. When the E-Stop is active this channel goes to 10 VDC.

On this channel I have an event that reads




This is to run my RESETOUT sequence anytime the E-Stop is pushed.

Problem is my RESETOUT is not running.


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First let me just say that you should NEVER run an E-stop through complex logic, which includes, of course PC based software like DAQFactory, but also PLC's etc. You can wire them into these systems so they know that the E-stop occurred, and perhaps take some non-critical actions, but an E-stop must be wired in a way that it shuts power and performs whatever other essential tasks without going through complex logic. Typically this means wiring the E-stop so when active it shuts off power directly, or through an normally open FM certified relay, but I can't really give you any direct advice on how to properly wire E-stops as it varies on application.

OK, that all said, if you call resetOut() as a function, not a sequence, then it will never appear to run in the workspace. It is being called from the event. The script in it should run, but it won't appear "running" in the workspace. If its not running, you most likely have some sort of compilation or runtime error in the code. Try putting:

? "ResetOut() running"

at the very top of that sequence and see if it prints in the command/alert when PLC_input1 goes high.

Also, you really should have a [0] after PLC_Input1, otherwise you are comparing the entire history of PLC_Input1 to 4.

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