So the "Table Component" isn't actually a table? It's more of a "Row Component"

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Just quickly, I've been trying to use the "Table Component" assuming I could make a nice 5 by 4 table, but it only allows you to create rows of data.

I've tried to make multiple rows and lock them together to create the table but it's a nightmare, as the "Title" blocks need to be left empty and

If anything, I think it would be better if the component was a "Column Component", as when you're displaying 10 temperatures and looking for anomalies it's a lot easier to see larger numbers if its a column rather than a long row.

Please advise on a way to get either a real "Table" or at the very least a "Column" component.

Surely it wouldn't be that hard for Azeotech to code these as new component option for users...?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm sorry, I don't really understand what you are saying. The table component is definitely more of a column component as you specify the contents of each column. However, you can easily make it into a table that allows individual editing by simply creating a 2 dimensional array and having the table display each column. I've attached a sample of this. It creates and initializes the array, then runs a sequence called change that once a second changes a random one of the cells to a random value.


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