DAQ Runtime

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No, and then you'd lose the ability to switch that runtime into development mode on the fly and without installing anything else. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I should add that very few applications run without some additional software. That software is often DLL's, as is the case of Visual C applications (for, say, MFC, or the STL), or VB. .NET applications require a huge library to work, but since many apps use .NET its often able to be shared among those apps. Java as well requires the JRE. LabView's Runtime requires a special library as well, which is also huge, and lacks DAQFactory's ability to switch to development mode on the fly (or at all really without a full LabView install). Programs that actually create standalone executables typically just link the special library into the customer application, creating a gigantic executable. There are some apps that will run standalone without any other libraries, but these are almost always written in pure C or C++.

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