Trouble pulling values from OPC tags

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I am having issues retrieving the values given from an OPC. The setup I have is five tags "in" with the OPC and one "out". One of the "in"s and the out control two motors, three "in"s give me values, and then the last "in" is a flag that tells the PLC that the values are ready to be transferred/displayed to DAQFactory. The last "in" isn't a necessity to have in there because the only values that are shown to DF are the ones that I want to bring in. When the values are given, I want to do a calculation to get it to the proper format that I want (still need to figure out what format that is going to be). I am able to see the three values under the watch window, but I can't seem to pull the values from the channels created with the OPC tags.

What do I need to do to get the values into something that I can use and manipulate?

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