Daqfactory Script Debugging


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1) Executing script is covered in the user's guide. Just right click on the sequence and select Begin. As for tracking variables, you can either create screen components for it, or use the Watch window.

2) to debug, you can either add breakpoints and step through, or use print statement (?) littered in your code to give you feedback to the command alert window. For example:

? x

would print the contents of x at that point in your script.

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You can't do a 1 ms update, at least not reliably. Windows multitasking will cause the computer to be busy and not execute your command that quickly. If you need to continuously poll at 1 ms and are using a LabJack or other device that supports streaming, you will need to stream that device. You need to create a sequence to setup and start the streaming, and you can start that sequence from a button. For the LabJack this is all shown in the DAQFactory - LabJack application guide along with samples.

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