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hi @ all,

I like to use daqfactory with the labjack U12 to create a datalogger for our dynamometer but when i want to install the dacfactory software the install routine breaks with some error messages.

Cannot install file "C:Windows\system32\OPCENUM.exe"

Cannot delete "C:\Windows/system32\OPENUM.exe"

Cannot copy ²C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\OUG5PVOT\OUG5PVPO\OUG5Q1SD" to "C:\Windoes\system32\OPENUM.exe"

Before installing, I downloaded daqfactory release 5.87a. All other programms were closed before installing the new software.

Used OS is windows 7, 64bit

hope u have some useful tips

thanks a lot


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You have to be an administrator or at least run the installer as an administrator to do the install as the installer needs to write to your Windows folder. If you still have troubles, then somewhere else in your security settings are set tighter than usual, not allowing any apps to install to the Windows system folder.

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