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I'm using a 2D graph to display couple inputs from a sensor. I would to know if it's possible to prevent/anchor the time from rolling off as it reaches the end of the vertical bar. For instance, my graph starts at 16:16 at the time progress to 16:20 all the data from 16:16 to 16:19 already rolled off the graph. Would it be possible to keep the data from 16:16 to 16:19 on the graph as well as the new data arrive ?



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If I understand you right, yes, just change the scaling on the graph. The setting you want is "Time Width" and is on the Axes tab. You need to select the bottom axis first.

You may also have a history issue. Check the History property of your channel (default is 3600). This is the number of points kept in memory for graphs, etc. If your sampling frequency is high, that will get used up quick. Even at 0.1 Timing, 3600 points is only 6 minutes.

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