Writing To Multiple Registers With One Command


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Is it possible to use a combo box to write to multiple registries at the same time?

For example, if I have a schedule that has values for Mon, Tue, Wed, etc.. That I want to write with the same schedule, can I create a combo box that sets multiple register values?

I tried it unsuccessfully, but I am sure of the context to "set channel", e.g. mychsnnel1; mychannel2 does not work.

Or is there a better way?



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No, a combo can only set one channel at a time. However, there is nothing to say you can't create a Test channel, or just set one of the channels in your chain, then in the event for that channel, set the others based on the value you just entered. Using a test channel avoids having all the channels linked together always.

So, in the event for myTestChannel, you would put something like

myChannel1 = myTestChannel[0]

myChannel2 = myTestChannel[0]


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