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The client is so impressed with our recent SCADA Implementation using DAQ Factory, they rushed-out and bought a 42" flat-screen monitor this morning for the lab display.

Yesterday, we noticed an anomaly in the Drive Current/RPM graph of one of the larger mixing tanks. Evaluating the consistently and aggressively changing (rise and fall) of drive current, along with a steady RPM trend made us suspect a mechanical drive train problem (binding) on this tank. Our technicians inspected and noticed this morning that all the oil had leaked out of the gearbox and we were running the transmission dry. This would have gone on for days undetected and probably until catastrophic failure if the graph monitor did not display it.



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Cool! Thanks for the post and pictures.

You might consider adding some alarms so you are notified when these sort of events happen. Then you wouldn't even have to look at the graph.

That's the next implementation of my system (version 7.00) :)

Actually, I was up at 5.00am today while the household slept, playing with the DF alarm function. Still have not quite got the hang of it, but I think it's coming along slowly .....so expect a few dumb questions next week!

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Version 7 went well this morning .....we have alarms with bells, whistles and voice-overs :D

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Having a basic problem, I want to play a sound when a button is depressed:

I created a Button Component, Mouse-down, Quick Sequence, with the following examples and it does not work. What am I missing? :huh:

System.Sound.Play (c:\windows\ding.wav)

System.Sound.Play (f:\SmartFactory\LogIn.wav)

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Wow, that looks great! I would like to make my implementations look better. I like the gauge within a gauge in the 2nd photo.



I've always been a fan of chronograph type watches and gauges within gauges. :rolleyes:

Here's a another good example of what can be created just using the stock instruments supplied with DAQ Factory (this is a process viscosity/temperature instrument I am developing, based on the load the agitator experiences with varying solution viscosity)


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