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My alarms are like: DriveAlm1, DriveAlm2, etc.

Channels that monitor the error values are: DriveError1, DriveError2, etc.

Error values range from 0 through 24 (these are error codes for various inverter failures)

So my typical alarm condition trigger would be like: DriveError1>0

and this seems to be working fine for us as is.

Question: Is it possible to get the "Description" column of the Alarm Summary to also log/display the error value (1 through 24) as generated by the alarming channel?

hope I explained this right (seems like a mouthful) :rolleyes:

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Not unless you create your own alarm summary table, which would require you to create variables containing each alarms state, and then update them in the alarm events.

You could also create a separate alarm for each trigger condition, so instead of:

DriveError1 > 0


DriveError1 == 1

and then repeat for all 24.

You might want to add this to our "Feature Requests" forum.

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Thanks for the response .....Yup, that's a bit cumbersome as we've got a whole bunch of inverters each with like 24 possible error values. We can live with it as-is for the moment (I'm lazy) but I will put that request in the "Feature Requests" forum

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I thought of another way you could do it: just change the strDescription variable in the fire event. So, in the Fire event for your alarm, put something like:

alarm.driveAlm1.strDescription = "Trigger condition: " + DriveError1[0]

You could then clear it out in the Ack or Reset event if you wanted, or just leave it so you know what the last one was.

Since this is an easy solution with the existing software, I've deleted your feature request post.

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