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I have an aplication made in Daqfactory, this aplication has a Ethernet Server device called server_1 and i have another aplication has a ethernet Client device called Prueba_3, the port i had used is 8001 but the problem is that the communication doesn´t work from the client to Server but it works from server to client. Specifically I mean that i can write from client to server but the information is not received by the server or whith very very much retardation comes.

The rare is that this happens when i use Win 7 but doesn´t happen when i use Win XP.

I had configurated null protocol to both.

do someone know why happen this?

Sorry for the redaction i´m from Chile and i don´t know to use the english very well.

Please help me!!!

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We have seen the same thing and have not been able to determine why it occurs under Windows 7. Its especially weird because it only affects the user Ethernet server, not the built in DAQFactory networking (between two copies of DF). Are you trying to connect two copies of DAQFactory? Can you describe you application more so I can offer a work around?

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Yes, i´m trying to connect two copies of Daqfactory by propietary protocol. Also this happens when i try to connect a GPRS modem to my aplication running in Win 7, but again this doesn´t happen in Win XP. Regrettably i solve this problem writing in a DB and after reading it in the other aplication.

I hope that you can solve this, because this OS it is begining to grow up and more and more companies are using this.

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