La Crosse Ws 2300


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hi guru

back on this old topic again. the script still hangs, sometimes running for a day, sometimes 3. no definate times i can see though. thanks to your help on "device working", i get to see when the script hangs. when it hangs, it just stops reading from the file it reads from. i tried to stop and re-start the script again to get it working, but the only way i can get it going again is to re-start the whole daq program. i removed the error part of the sequence and told it to ignore all errors, still no luck. the file it reads from still gets updated every minute, so its nothing to do with that. i even wrote another sequence to save the clt, stop the weather sequence after 6 hours and restart it a few seconds later and didnt help. something in daq hangs, have you any idea what the problem can be?


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The only thing I can think of is that you never close() the file, so you are gradually chewing up file handles. Windows supports a huge number of file handles now (unlike 20 years ago), but its still finite. When you run out the system is going to act kind of weird, possibly hanging the script waiting for a new handle to become available.

So, try adding:


right after the endcatch statement.

Note you can also do file.closeAll() to close all open files, but that's kind of a last resort in cases where you lose track of your handles.

Also, if it hangs again, click on SEQUENCES: in the workspace and see what line # its hanging on.

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