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Hi Guru,

Recently I was working on some test code that caused a hard crash of my OEM DF, and it whacked XP as well, requiring a reboot.

When the problem occured, I got a pop-up with a Azeotech logo titled:

MicroSoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

and in the field:

Runtime Error!

Abnormal Program Termination

(OK button)

I lost the exact code in the crash, but I suspect the problem was using endseq to stop a running FUNCTION that was in a long delay() state.

Would that crash DF? You can stop loops with endseq, but not running functions?


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Its hard to say since I don't know exactly what you did. I believe we have a protection against using endseq() on yourself, but its possible you used it in some way we didn't anticipate that causes a blown stack. We are in a tight spot on these sort of things: we want to try and make it so DF will never crash and you as the customer don't have to worry about things most programmers have to worry about, but at the same time, we want to give you flexibility to do what you need. But with flexibility comes risk. And so its still possible to write scripts that will crash DAQFactory. I mean just this script:



in a priority 5 sequence on a single core machine will likely hang all of Windows. And you can get that type of script without realizing it. For example:

// some code here that generates an error right off the bat, say from a typo


Anyhow, if you can reproduce it, we can take a look and see if its something we can protect against or not.

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