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DAQFactory Express is just a limited version of DAQFactory. To try it, simply download a trial of DAQFactory from www.azeotech.com. Here are the limitations:

-Only 2 pages allowed

-the following components:



--variable value

--descriptive text




--edit box

--multiline edit box

--combo box

-limit of 16 channels

-limit to 5 sequences, each with a maximum of 10 lines

-plus all the limitations of DAQFactory-Lite (i.e. no PID, email, networking, etc)

Unlike the other versions of DAQFactory where features are controlled by the license key, DAQFactory express is a complete rebuild with the features fixed. The menus and workspace therefore do not show features of other versions of DAQFactory. All documents created in DAQFactory-Express will work in other versions of DAQFactory.

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I have visited your web site and found followings:

I guesss there is a DAQFactory-Express release, rather tahn DAQFactory release

So please let me know how to convert DAQFactory release to DAQFactory-Express release, or how to install DAQFactory-Express release.

===============Followings located on your web site===============

DAQFactory Express update (r5.11, 2.1MB)

download now

This contains the latest DAQFactory-Express release. You must have DAQFactory-Express already installed on your computer for this update to work. Install this update into the same directory as your original Express installation.

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DAQFactory Express is currently only available on the LabJack CD. You must purchase a LabJack to receive DAQFactory Express. It is a special version for use with the LabJack and not publically distributed on our website. As I mentioned, if you want to see what DAQFactory Express does, just download the regular DAQFactory trial and note the limitations mentioned above in our earlier post in this topic, or buy a LabJack U12.

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Within the next few days you will be able to try DAQFactory Express by downloading the regular DAQFactory Trial. A dialog will appear on startup allowing you to select the version of DAQFactory you would like to try and Express will be an option. As for receiving a licensed copy of DAQFactory Express, we will be selling DAQFactory Express for $35 starting next week, or you can now get a free license with the purchase of a LabJack U12.

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Guest david allen

When I installed the Labjack 12 software, it installed the Daqfactory demo without an option for the Express version. Now that the demo period has expired, it doesn't run and I still don't have access to the Express program.

Where is DAQFactory Express and how can I install it?


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DAQFactory Express has been shipping with the LabJacks for over a year now, so if your LabJack is older than this it is possible that it is not on your installation CD and you should contact LabJack at support@labjack.com.

If your LabJack is less than a year old, run the installation from your CD again and make sure you check the box to install DAQFactory Express. After the installation is complete, DAQFactory Express will show up as it's own program group under Start => All Programs => DAQFactory Express.

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